[Father Founded]


I don’t know if he promised any of them marriage, if or what lies were told. More likely, it was a transaction, a body as another commodity to be sold.

            Branch of duty: Army

I browse the website Father Founded searching for some semblance of him in a foreign face, submit a case with vague descriptions of his time overseas.

            Nickname: Gus. Occupation: Crane Shovel.

I make no note on Agent Orange, on the lung cancer, brain cancer, liver cancer, or his death.

            Place of Duty: Vietnam and Korea

I have two half-siblings, fraternal twins from my mother’s first marriage. When I was five or six, I called them my stepsisters, thinking only I belonged to my father, which to some degree was accurate, in his mind at least.

            Note: He always wanted a son.

I can picture with ease my father sleeping with these women and see a past-self being born in those moments. I am in a bar offering my body to a stranger. I remember small details—someone in their family is a doctor. Last name (sounds like) Hemming. He’s engaged. He doesn’t care if we don’t use a condom.